About Us

Pita K NiubalavuPita K Niubalavu

Pita K Niubalavu is the founder of Oceanica Intellectual Property. Pita has a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property from Australia. Pita spent 9 years with the Civil Service before joining MAK law as a legal executive and later as an Associate Solicitor. He wasthe current Intellectual Property Consultant with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), an international organisation serving 22 Pacific Island countries and territories.


  • LLM (Intellectual Property Law), Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • LLB
  • GDLP

Apart from being a law Practitioner, Pita provides pro-bono legal advice on intellectual property issues to Cultural Producers and organisations such as the Pacific Islands Museum Association, Pacific Island Cultural and Arts Foundation, VAVA and FIDA. Pita had presented a number of papers on the subject of intellectual property in a number of conferences in the Pacific.

Charles V TrappeyDr. Charles V. Trappey
Australia Trademark Attorney

Professor Charles V. Trappey’s has a long academic career with the National Chiao Tung University. Professor Trappey’s research, teaching and industrial cooperation combine qualifications of marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation management, intellectual property and trademark law for brand management and franchise development.


  • PhD, Purdue University, USA, 1992
  • LLM (Intellectual Property Law), Queensland University of Technology, Australia, 2014
  • MS (Quantitative Business Analysis), Louisiana State University, USA, 1985
  • BS (Statistics), University of South-western Louisiana, USA, 1980

Professor Trappey has published more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and more than 90 conference papers. Since 1992, Dr Trappey has received annual support from the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) for highly competitive, peer-revied, and multi-year research grants in the areas of technology marketing, market research, technology forecasting, and patent informatics for innovation management. Professor Trappey is a certified member of Australia Computer Society and Taiwan Society of Management Science and is completing his certification as an Australian Trademark Attorney in 2015.

Amrita Singh
Senior Conveyancing Officer

Amrita Singh is the Senior Conveyancing Officer at Oceanica Intellectual Property Lawyers.

Her previous experiences include a 5-year stint as a Legal Executive at MA Khan Esq Lawyers and as the Conveyancing and Securities Officer at BRED Bank Fiji Limited for 2 years.

Her work at Oceanica Intellectual Property Lawyers include handling all conveyancing matters including general transfers, mortgages, deeds, agreements, trademarks and company related documents.

Amrita’s has a qualification in the field of Hospitality Management and in Sales and Marketing.

profile-shabreenShabreen Khan
Conveyancing Officer

Shabreen Khan is working for Oceanica Intellectual Property Lawyers as the Conveyancing Officer.

She has previously worked MA Khan Esq Lawyers for 4 years as Executive from 2012-2016.

Shabreen has also worked for Ashok’s Transport Limited (General Carrier Contractors & Ferry Services) as the Operations Manager.

Her experiences are a testament to her desire to expand her knowledge and skills in order to be able to contribute to the beautiful country of Fiji.

Her qualification includes various certificates and an advanced certificate in Information Technology.